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The Saturday Show! 17/11 – London Heathrow Airport – 14:00 GMT

Big Jet TV is all about raw Aviation! We present two livestream shows every Wednesday and Saturday from UK and European Airports. We also film exclusive feature content with Airlines, Freight Giants and from top UK Airports.

If you love aviation, have an interest in the dynamics of flight, the engineering and everything in between, then you’re in the right place! We offer a Freeview segment at the start of each show, and our ELITE Members have access to the full 2-hour shows with instant On-Demand ‘replay’.






Presenter Producer


Jerry’s love for aviation stems from his childhood, with his Dad flying Constellation, Britannia and going-on to Captain DC8’s and 747-100’s.

This deep rooted love for aviation has left him with a lifelong passion for both classic and modern aircraft. Having worked in Media and film production, creating the world’s first live Aviation Channel has been an exciting transition. With the advent of Big Jet TV, together with co-creator Jonny, Jerry has been able to combine his passion for aviation with a live, enthusiastic Global audience.

​”It’s a dream come true! Not only do we get to film and promote aviation from International Airports, but we’re also able to share this passion with an equally passionate world-wide audience.”


Head Of Customer Relations

Originally a BIG JET TV viewer, Gilly has ‘been with’ BIG JET TV since the beginning. She knows the company and viewers inside and out, and has progressed from viewer, to moderator, to admin and now the head of customer relations and engine inside BIG JET TV.

Gilly handles our Elite Membership accounts and is the first point of contact for our customers. She is also the administrator of our community groups as well as our ELITE Channel. On top of this, Gilly also handles our merchandise and gets involved with design and administration.

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  • Bendeguz Baladincz
  • Haydn Rudham


Professional Presenters and Pundits Jerry Dyer and Jonny Heather have experience in showcasing new aircraft and/or services throughout the Aviation Industry.

Their enthusiastic and knowledgeable delivery can be adapted to multiple platforms including Airside Features, Inaugural Services, Freight operations, Documentaries and Engineering Shows.

Just drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss your project

Below are some examples of our work we recently completed with Embraer, showcasing their new E190-E2 Profit Hunter