Recently joined full membership. Saw the O’Hare event. Could not be happier with your videos. Thanks.

Bert T

I absolutely love the live shows, it’s content and it’s host, love watching and being apart of the live chat as a first class member.


This is the BEST YouTube channel and can’t stop watching. I’m loving it!!!


You guys just keep on getting better and better ,so glad to be a member of such a wonderful team

Malcolm R

I’ve just recently discovered your channel and am absolutely loving it. and I really love watching your footage and listening to your commentary. You are doing a lot to educate people about aviation and for that I applaud you!

Michael T

This is my first live show and I am truly enjoying it and I am proud to be in the BJTV family


I’ve been a viewer from the start. Jerry has built Big Jet TV from a simple Social Media channel to, what I would class as the worlds favourite live aviation channel.

Jerry has changed my life for the better, giving me a much more positive outlook on life.

Ian S

Best program on TV


thanks for the best aviation service to pilots and enthusiasts alike!


”OUTSTANDING! Had me proper laughing out loud. BRILLIANT! Keep up the tip top  work. I’ll be on my best behaviour next time I cross the fence, knowing that you’re watching”!!

Captain N

This is what the internet was invented for…

J Halton

I’ve been a BJTV member for about a year (i think) and witnessed it go from strength to strength to become the best Live streaming aviation channel around.

Maximum dedication, proper graft, relentless shows, superb specials, banter and of course great value.

Daniel W

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